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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Project Gallery

  • Belknap Plaza

    Belknap Plaza

    Location: Superior, WI
    Construction Type: Retail Strip Mall
    Description: Complete exterior modernization of 1950's - era retail development.

  • Vineyard Church

    Vineyard Church

  • Graymont Lime Plant

    Graymont Lime Plant

    Location: Superior, WI
    Construction Type: Bridge Rail Repair
    Description: Select removal and replacement of 700 ft. of structural concrete rail foundation. Worn and damaged concrete was removed while new concrete was poured as a cap and anchored to the existing footing. At the same time we reestablished the elevation and positioning of the rail to match that of its counterpart on the other side of the bridge.

  • Enbridge Terminal Skid Building

    Enbridge Terminal Skid Building

  • Duluth Minerals

    Duluth Minerals

  • Georgia Paciffic

    Georgia Paciffic

  • CHS Grain Elevator

    CHS Grain Elevator

  • BP Dome Petroleum

    BP Dome Petroleum

    Location: Superior, WI
    Construction Type: Catwalk Repair Work
    Description: Modifications and repair work to catwalks and access platforms on the LP storage tanks at a height of 120 feet.

  • City of Duluth Skywalk

    City of Duluth Skywalk

    Location: Duluth, MN
    Construction Type: Skywalk
    Description: Construction of a 225 ft skywalk connecting the 2nd St./3rd Ave east parking ramp to the Greysolon Plaza. A cost saving prefinished wall panel system was used along with an engineered structural steel bridge frame to streamline the project while maintaining aesthetics.

  • American Precision Avionics

    American Precision Avionics

  • Xcel Energy

    Xcel Energy

    Location: Ashland, WI
    Construction Type: Emissions Improvements
    Description: Description: Foundations, flatwork and Butler pre engineered building to house tanks and equipment used in emissions improvement processes.

  • TransCanada Pump Skids

    TransCanada Pump Skids

  • Grace Lutheran

    Grace Lutheran

    Location: Hermantown, WI
    Construction Type: New Fellowship Hall, classrooms, & offices
    Square Feet: 12,900
    Description: We were selected to design/build this addition & remodeling project, which included the demolition of the oldest portion of the facility 6,000 s.f. Project was completed and occupied in the spring of 2005.

  • FedEx Ground Distribution Facility

    FedEx Ground Distribution Facility

    Location: Superior, WI
    Construction Type: Package Receiving & Distribution
    Square Feet: 39,720
    Description: A large Butler Building featuring Landmark roof trusses for clearspan column bays up to 56 feet. This design/build project started late fall 2006, and was built through the winter of 2006/2007. The project was completed on budget in time for owner occupancy June 1, 2007.

  • Enbridge Pig Launcher Building

    Enbridge Pig Launcher Building